MCBans Terms Of Service

1. Servers and Bans

1-1 Servers

  1. Be aware that fake servers will be removed from the system at any time or if the server is innactive. To avoid being listed as innactive, freeze your server. ( 1-1.4 )
  2. Avoid reasons that have profanity or inappropriate language. ( Other servers will see the bans, be respectful )
  3. Must use a connect-able IP or hostname when registering a server with MCBans
  4. You cannot:
    1. Revenge ban - Making bans in retaliation for bans made against an individual.
    2. Make Global bans that violate the Global Ban Rules
    3. Use the MCBans API to collect data to proxy it through another service. ( 2-1.1 )
    4. Overload the server by employing DDoS techniques.
  5. You must follow 1-2.2

1-2 Bans

  1. Bans made by a server with a global type, must be done with knowledge that a dispute can open at any time.
  2. Proof should be kept for at maximum of 60 days of the ban date in order to prove the bans legitimacy during a dispute.
  3. Global must follow the Global Ban Rules strictly.
  4. Local bans are at the discretion of the server owners and staff.

2. Application Programming Interface (API)

2-1 Incorrect Usage

  1. Using the API to gather data for another service.
  2. Overloading the MCBans servers with repeated requests.
  3. Using bots to pull data.

2-2 Correct Usage

  1. Showing a listing of bans on your server's website.
  2. Client side modifications. ( Addon for the Minecraft client, or an independent desktop application. Source must be made available if distributed. )
  3. Plugins with your server.

3. Suspension

3-1 Actions Taken If TOS Has Been Violated

  1. Deletion of server.
  2. Removal of account access to MCBans.
  3. If serious enough, permanantly banned ( Only issued to worst offenders of the TOS ).
Changes to these terms may change at any time, please visit back to make sure you are up to date with the latest terms of service.